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Meditation not medication

By December 3, 2014April 13th, 2022emotional healing, meditation

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Meditation not Medication!

Should I meditate?  Yes!

How will it help me?  Meditation will help lower your stress levels, lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate and much more.

 Meditation can be explained as a connection to life force energy, which is food for your nervous system.

In the meditation process you are consciously reconnecting to the life force energy in your awake state, which is when we are most stressed.

When we are awake we are normally at our most stressed, and this is when we punish our systems.

Every time you connect to life force energy whether it is through meditation or hands on healing or other techniques your body, mind and spirit starts to relax. You could say that you are re filling source energy within you when you meditate, just as when you have a Reiki or hands on healing the practitioner is channelling that energy to you and you take whatever your body needs.

During the process of meditation the slower deeper breaths taken are also very good for us and even if you cannot find time to meditate every day just taking some slow deep breaths for a few minutes will help.

There are a many thoughts on how to meditate, when how often and for how long.

My personal opinion is daily for about 15 minutes, and there are some very simply ways to begin…

Blog to follow on ways to begin meditation!

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