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Transpersonal Psychology Diploma
Inner Child Therapy Diploma
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
Life Coaching Diploma
Gestalt Therapy Diploma
Reiki Master Teacher
NFSH Healer
Foundation Counselling
Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) Level 3
Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner
Samaritan Training

To create lasting change that is as complete as possible we must work on all levels of you – mind, body & soul. Depending on the presenting issues, we will use a holistic approach applying tools, techniques and understanding to create effective, positive change for you. By working with you in this way your ‘whole self’ can be healed on all levels working with your mind-body connection.

Natalie has over 35 years experience working within this field, bringing experience, knowledge and a range of skills that have been developed over the years to assist you in healing. She has worked with thousands of clients throughout the world and works on many levels as the body/mind connection is so complex.

Natalie continuously learns and works at on-going personal self development as well as professional studying and training within the healing and self development field. She is always searching to find the most effective and up to date ways incorporating the latest research so that she can help her clients in the most effective ways available.

Internationally recognised for her work with her caring, personal approach and sincerity, she has been privileged to have been invited to speak about emotions at the University of the West Indies in Barbados, as well as working with high profile clientele overseas and in the UK and in the business community.

She is committed to helping others in whatever way she can and it is through her own difficulties in life that she is able to effectively resonate, understand and support her clients.

Gabriella Lewis

Massage Therapist
Reiki Master Teacher
NLP Practitioner

Gabriella (Natalie’s daughter) has had a great deal of exposure to the complementary health world through Natalie. Some of Gabriella’s current ability and knowledge comes from everything that she has learned through her mother. She has gone on to train in body therapy modalities including massage, reflexology, reiki & yoga.

Gabriella has attended groups and workshops throughout the years and traveled extensively around the world to learn more about the body, mind & spirit. She has a strong desire to continue to grow as a person and become the best therapist she can be. She understands that for effective healing to take place honouring your self is essential which means learning to treat the whole of you well, including eating healing foods, getting enough rest, and listening to what your body is telling you. Gabriella also has a strong passion for Yoga Therapy and Meditation.