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Soul Talk™ Healing is a powerful healing system that accesses very high frequencies to achieve soul healing, to help the transformation of the body, mind and emotions.

These incredible frequencies enable us to work on and lift blocks and imbalances within your experience and energy field to help create healing.

This healing system can help in any area of your life and often works deeply and rapidly. A few examples that these energies can help with are:

  • Physical pain or discomfort
  • Memories
  • Fears
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Particular issues within your life/experience
  • Physical imbalances
  • Emotional imbalances
  • Trauma
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief or Loss
  • Literally any area you would like help or support on in your life
The healing process is powerful, as Natalie connects to your soul while working with a range of nearly 20 different healing frequencies so that your unique needs can be met and pin pointed during the session.
This system is different to other healing modalities because you can specify the area of your life or issue that you would like help with. Using a variety of different healing energies it is possible to fine tune the healing process in a way that treatments like Reiki healing cannot do.

20+ Healing

Pin-Point Specific

Overlight A

In Person or

In person

All you need to do is relax on our treatment bed

Distant Healing

Receive your healing and the energies from the privacy of your home or wherever you are that day. This consists of 2 x 30 minute sessions arranged within the same week. All you need to do is sit quietly, or lie down (but don’t go to sleep!) during the transmission while focusing on what you want to heal.

Overlight Distance Healing

Apart from the usual conventional reasons for wanting a healing session, these energies can also be used to Overlight any situation and support a difficult or challenging event in your life through distance healing.
Some examples are: Dental work, Medical procedures, Sitting exams, Job interviews and Speaking in public or any other big moment/event that is occurring.
In these sessions the energies are sent to you at the time of the event that you need the support for to help enable the best possible outcome for you.
One of the reasons this way of working is so exciting is that Soul Talk healing energies are sent to the entire situation, e.g. everyone else that is involved  in the situation or event; the interviewer, the examiner, the audience member etc so that everyone involved in the moment is in the best possible energetic space at that time, so that you get the best outcome.
Prices vary depending on your individual needs and situation. Please ask for details.

“This new way of healing is cutting edge and very much in line with the shift in consciousness and 5th dimensional living happening now.

 Out of all the healing modalities I have come across this is by far the most powerful system and very exciting to work with. The potentials for when this healing can be used are enormous.” – Natalie.