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I have so much clarity, all of my fears and worries have been obliterated.

“These last few days have without a word of a lie been the most remarkable of my life, I walked out of your house and just went WOW outloud to myself.

The shift is hard to believe as the insights and truth flood my being. I can actually feel my body rebuilding and readjusting. I haven’t the words to describe how overwhelmingly grateful I am for what you have given back to me.

I’ve never felt this much and understood so much in all my life, I always knew I was missing the point and no matter what or how hard I tried could never get to myself but the moment I put all of my trust into you and this process  I just knew that I had indeed hit the jackpot!

I have so much clarity, all of my fears and worries have been obliterated. You have opened the door for me to reclaim a self I sensed was there but could never quite reach.

I’m just so very thankful for what you have discovered to share with others, returning them to the truth of life and themselves. Beautiful!

I hope you can feel the love I have for you for what you have done for me, its been a long road but is only up from here and I look forward to our next session.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou haha I will thank you and the universe a million times over! ” – Shenae, June 2013

Bring balance into your life

Natalie is an amazing therapist with a wealth of skills and knowledge and a genuine care for her clients’ wellbeing.

I thoroughly recommend Intuitive Core Healing to bring true balance into your life. ” – Olivia, Bucks, May 2013

Better, lighter & happier

“I feel so much better, lighter and happier since my session with you. I just feel I can now deal with all the problems I have. I can face them easily now. Thank you. ” Toni

A realisation of who you are and how wonderful you are. 

“I would recommend anyone who has issues to see Natalie. This is not counselling but a realisation of who you are & how wonderful you are. She has helped me so much. ” – Francis, Bucks, 2013.

Helped me help myself

“Natalie, even though I have only met you twice, you have really helped me help myself more than I could have imagined in such a short space of time and I find myself eager to get out there and get on with it and am excited that there’s so much to do …. yet no real set deadline or timescale to scare myself with in order to accomplish it all in!! Oooo Exciting!!!” Mel, Berkshire – March 2013

Fear & Stress

“Dear Natalie thank you for giving me so much of your time both in my session with you and afterwards. It has been an eye opener for me to the real feelings that are the cause of so much fear and consequently stress. I have been using the tools that you gave me and I’m making progress that never ceases to amaze me how it helps. With many thanks.” Margaret, Barbados

Gained lots of knowledge

“I have gained lots of knowledge that I did not previously have, not just about Reiki but about all kinds of things to do with healing  and the holistic world.”

Natural, sensitive, highly intuitive healer

“I love my sessions with Natalie. She’s a natural, sensitive, highly intuitive healer and gets immediately to the core of the issue.  Because she has been working on her own journey for many years as well as picking up different healing modalities along the way. She has a huge range of skills and knowledge to call upon depending upon both the person and the issue involved. You’d be extremely hard-pressed to find someone with Natalie’s gifts and experience.  And so I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her for a healing.There is no way you would be disappointed!” Jane, Newbury

10 out of 10!

“10 out of 10! Gabriella & Natalie were both so lovely and welcoming and made me feel at ease. I gained all the knowledge I could have hoped for in Reiki and so much more with Natalie’s vast knowledge of healing & holistics. ”

Deep- rooted emotions

I truly feel that after a session with Natalie that your life and thoughts will change forever. We are all different and therefore will take from a session with Natalie what is right for us at the time. As for my own personal experiences, I know that I was able to work through so much, which I would not have achieved so easily without the knowledge and guidance that Natalie was able to give me. Some of these changes were to do with deep-rooted emotions. I feel that what will be shared by Natalie, you will find interesting, uplifting and so so true. It is certainly working for me. ” Lorrie, Barbados

Subconscious beliefs created BIG change!

I just had a session with Natalie. I was feeling so down, like nothing was working, and that everyone else can make their life work except me. Everything seemed so hard and difficult. Within an hour I felt a big change. I am happy now and feel positive, brighter and lighter. Natalie found some subconscious beliefs that were holding me back. I feel free to move forward now. Thank you Natalie.” Annabel,  High Wycombe

Great potential

“Dear Natalie, thank you so much for the wonderful session on Friday at my house. I am so happy to have met you and really glad that I took the initiative to meet with you. What you shared with me has such great potential that I cannot even imagine where it will lead us. I’ve been working with it already and so far so good. Wishing you continued success in your work and look forward to the next time we meet. Warm wishes ” Sharon, Barbados

Lovely warmth in the energy

” I could really feel the lovely warmth in the energy, very calming & relaxing. Thank you”

Training Course Testimonials:

Truely Amazing!

” I really am on a ‘high’ since the course and I feel so much happier and enthusiastic again, even my friends and family have noticed!!

I absolutely loved both days and there is something very ‘special’ about being in your home that makes everything so easy to relax and open up and be ‘yourself’. We had a fabulous group and I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome.

I am enjoying practicing Reiki and shall continue to do so, my cat is so chilled out (like a ‘Winston’)’ My sister also had a session yesterday and completely relaxed.You are both wonderful teachers and funny and human (with wicked senses of humour) and I have enjoyed laughing, giggling, chatting (a few tears) and being able to just be ‘me’ with other like minded souls.

You two really touch people’s lives and hearts in a way that cannot be expressed in words, so ‘thank you’ for being you and for caring about the all of us and the universe in the way that you do!! It’s truely amazing! ” – Mel, May 2013.

All of the chaos and noise of life has gone

“Amazing transition – from walking in on day 1 to leaving on day 2, all the chaos and noise of life has gone.”

Exceeded my expectations

“I started the course with minimal knowledge, but the knowledge shared with me over the two days has exceeded my expectations and opened new doorways. ”

An amazing experience

“An amazing experience, excellent training from ‘real’ people who actively encourage questions and give very informative answers. After arriving on day 1 and leaving on day 2, I have a real sense of positive energy and awakening. I feel really switched on and ready for whatever lies ahead. ” – Claire, High Wycombe, 2012

Fantastic training

“The training was FANTASTIC – I just loved the way Natalie & Gabby taught us, their charisma & honesty is fab, as well as their ‘go with the flow’ nature. Thank you so much. ” Raj, Maidenhead, 2012.

Reiki came alive for me over the two days

“You made the course interesting and easy to understand and very spiritual.  And it was paced exactly right. Thank you for welcoming me into your home in such a warm way.  I really feel Reiki came alive for me over the past two days, thanks to you both and your knowledge and patience.”

I would recommend this course!

“Natalie & Gabby are both excellent Masters and I really enjoyed their course and teaching methods. They were so lovely and accommodating. I am really impressed and would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in doing a Reiki course. ” Preeti, London, 2012

So inspiring

“Thank you so much for Reiki 1 course, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. You are both beautiful people and Natalie, you are so inspiring.”

An enjoyable experience!

“I couldn’t have found a better teacher to learn from. Natalie is a knowledgeable teacher full of humour, honest & straight forward. The qualities I like in a person! They are so willing to help you and answer all your questions. Looking forward to doing more courses with you! Thanks for making my learning an enjoyable experience. ” Sharan.

Tailored to us

“Extremely effective, I felt it was tailored to us, I have gained a good understanding now with everything that was lacking in my Reiki I training with another teacher.”