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Confidence, self image and self esteem are all about how you view yourself. Often self confidence is about being able to trust your own judgement and feel comfortable with your abilities.

A lack of these things can get in the way of you being able to realise your full potential and be the person you want to be which can translate to all areas of life whether it’s professionally, personally or socially. Some people tend not to take risks or complete tasks half-heartedly in order to avoid disappointment or a blow that may make self esteem drop even lower.

A huge part of improving this issue is the process of looking at how we view ourselves – the beliefs that you hold about yourself such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t deserve’, etc.

You probably find that you are self conscious and highly critical of yourself in different situations and perhaps overthink and compare yourself to others in a negative way.

Common signs can include:
– High levels of anxiety before social events
– Negative thinking and self talk
– Believing that you will fail at everything
– Avoiding social situations and day to day tasks
– Highly critical of yourself focusing on weaknesses
– Not challenging yourself due to fear of failure
– Inability to accept compliments
– Frequently apologising
– Avoiding eye contact
– Constantly seeking external approval

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