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Abuse and trauma can be emotional, physical or psychological and is the misuse of power and/or control over another. Even after the abuse has stopped, survivors can still experience distress or struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, dissociation, trust issues etc.

Natalie’s method of working can help you let go of past pain, abuse or trauma so that you can move forward into your life with greater freedom and peace so that you can feel happier, freer and more in control.

Neglect and/or abuse (whether physical or emotional) can have a long term impact on you and your relationships. Negative beliefs about the self can also become embedded such as; “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unlovable”, “I’m unworthy”etc.

Natalie provides a safe and gentle space to guide you through your healing process.

Trauma is often worked with from the perspective of the nervous system to help the mind-body connection reset your system so that it can finally start to relax and feel safe as it’s often stuck in ‘fight-flight-freeze’ mode even after the event/s have occurred.

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