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The body is such a complex and precious thing and the mind-body connection is not one that can be denied.

Many of us suffer from various forms of physical & chronic pain/illnesses and have accepted it as a normal part of life. Often we are not taught how to address and look for the reasons behind the problem. We merely look to treat the symptom rather than find the cause of the problem.

Pain is often stuck energy in the body and we have to work on deeper levels to clear the stuck energy. Pain in the body is often a signal from your body to get your attention to tell you that there is a problem. We have to find the ways to release the core energy of the pain.

Most of us don’t look after our bodies properly and we are not taught how important our body is, or how important it is to give it what it needs to heal and rebalance.

There are however sometimes complex reasons or events that have occurred creating imbalances or illnesses on a physical level that have manifested in the body.

A major factor is that stressful events or trauma that we are unable to cope with at the time get trapped and blocked in our bodies and over time physical issues can develop creating disease (literally ‘not at ease’) in the body.

There are often stressful events that have occurred in your past that are being held in the body and nervous system and have built up over time. If we work with and heal those events (blocked energy) your body can begin it’s journey back to health and balance.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality therapies & healing to help you in the best way possible and give you proactive, self-empowering advice & tips to maintain balance of body, mind & spirit by encouraging you to be a vital player in your own heath & well being.

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