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What is Intuitive Core Healing?

Intuitive Core Healing is a healing method that clears the blocks, limiting beliefs and emotions, traumas and memories that are stopping you from living in your highest potential and becoming who you really are.

The basis of ICH is the understanding that everything that we experience on every level whether spiritual, emotional, or physical is created by our core emotions and beliefs.

We are generally not consciously aware of these core beliefs, which can be deeply rooted and hidden in our subconscious. Much like a virus run’s in a computer, your negative emotions and beliefs are automatically running within your subconscious, creating glitches and problems in your life.

How does it help?

We all know that we carry around emotional baggage with us from past experiences in life’s ups and downs.

We also all know that our health is more important than anything else in life. Without this nothing else is fully possible. Yet most of us limit our growth and development by failing to look after ourselves properly, not just on a physical level but with a healthy ‘state of being’ emotionally, in order to  truly achieve balance in mind, body and spirit.

Whether it improves your health, social skills, career goals, fulfilling your dreams or repairing damaged relationships with loved one working in this way can create rapid changes in your life.

Intuitive Core Healing is a unique process of complementary therapy that Natalie has developed that helps you to find your negative core emotions and beliefs, clear them and replace with positive ones.

Personal sessions are a wonderful way to move forward rapidly, these are available either in person, by phone or Skype. You can be anywhere in the world!