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‘Let it GO! Releasing Workshops and support groups ‘

Do you want to make 2012 the best year it can possibly be? You can start now…

Discover how to clear the blocks that are stopping you from getting the things you want in life.

Natalie can help you with powerful, practical help that actually works. If you are serious about personal transformation in your life then this workshop is for you.

These 2 hour sessions with intimate groups are held in private homes.

Prices may vary slightly according to numbers and location. Please call or email for further details.

‘Let It GO! Releasing sessions. ‘

Personal one to one appointments following on from Natalie’s group workshops.

It is easy to slide back into old patterns.There is always more to learn!

Whether you have been to one, two or four workshops you will certainly keep benefiting from another session.

How to change your life’

By coming to a group session you will find out how to create change, how to begin manifesting, how to remove the blocks that seem to stop some areas of your life from changing, and you will learn the tools and processes you need to really begin to move forward, feeling empowered and positive.

Do you want personal growth and progression, but feel that you are not moving forward as quickly as you would like to, or even at all?

Or do you just have a desire to move forward and become happier, healthier, wealthier and live the life that is rightfully yours?

Lots of people who can answer ‘yes’ to either of these questions have tried many different paths to achieve their goal, with varying degrees of success. Some are successful, and some methods work for a time and then stop, while others do nothing to help at all. There is much said in this regard about the Law of attraction and thought creating reality.

Using The Law of Attraction, in theory is easy to create change and manifest what we want, but as many of us have discovered there are often ‘blocks’ in our way.

Why can you change some things in your life while other areas stay the same?

Why are you not manifesting that perfect partner, the perfect job, the joy and the wellbeing that you are asking for?

The answer does lie with the Law of Attraction, but there is more to it than simply thinking your way to the reality you desire. Your emotional condition, and your subconscious beliefs are often the block in your way, as they affect your personal Law of Attraction and can prevent you progressing regardless of how much you think you desire something.

After a lifetime of learning and two very intense years of self development in the company of a spiritual teacher, Natalie has now found a balanced and workable approach that anyone can follow to create growth, soul progression, healing, and moving into more and more joy.

You will find answers and solutions, you can immediately begin to alter your reality…

Prices may vary slightly according to numbers and location. Please call or email for further details.