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Find the right healing program for you with bespoke healing…

Natalie offers bespoke healing sessions as a form of complementary and alternative therapy to help you heal whatever problem you have, whether that is emotional, spiritual or physical.

She can help you create the right healing program that will be specifically tailored to work for you. Often, changing your negative beliefs to positive ones is essential for total healing to take place. Each and every one of us is different and the truth is that we all need our own unique healing program.

Using different methods, depending on what will work best for you, these sessions can be very powerful and can help you rapidly change your energy.

What will happen in my session?

In a holistic healing session with Natalie, you will be coached so that you can continue your own self healing process every day in between sessions and sometimes without the need to keep having sessions, depending on what you want to heal.

If you have a serious illness or block of any kind these sessions can enable you to feel more confident and much more hopeful and self empowered. You will learn to use the most effective methods of energy psychology available, receive hands on healing, have a “wanding” using the ‘AmWand’, and get a great deal of advice that is matched for who you are and what you want to heal.

If you have deeper issues from the past that are still affecting you then these techniques will work brilliantly for you. When working in this way it is important that you are supported while you are re-visiting emotions and events, therefore regular sessions are recommended for deeper work.

Many of her clients talk of feeling lighter and happier, hopeful and relieved because they feel so much more self empowered by the end of their session.