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Healing for healers…

Natalie specialises in helping other healers and therapists. As a healer your ability to help others to your full potential  is dependant on where you are in a good condition physically, spiritually and mentally.

We are all human, and face struggles no matter what our profession. For healers and therapists that are finding things difficult currently Natalie offers Bespoke Holistic Healing sessions.

She can help you create the right healing program that will be specifically tailored to work for you. Often, changing your negative beliefs to positive ones is essential for total healing to take place. Each and every one of us is different and the truth is that we all need our own unique healing program.

With bespoke healing you can learn to use the most effective methods of energy psychology available, receive hands on healing, have a “wanding” using the ‘AmWand’, and get a great deal of advice that is matched for who you are and what you want to heal.

One hour consultations – £60.00

Two hour consultation (recommended for first session) – £95.00