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This day is a discovery day to find out and better understand narcissistic relationships, behaviours and traits, what they are, how to spot them, signs to look for and the patterns.

Do you keep experiencing relationships with people with high levels of narcissism?

Do you lack confidence, self esteem or struggle to establish healthy boundaries?

Are you easily overwhelmed and highly sensitive?

The Narcissist/Co-dependent relationship dynamic can be a very complex one that is being openly discussed and recognised more and more.

One reason for this is that it is believed that Narcissistic behavioural traits of varying degrees are on the rise on our society for a variety of reasons.

If you have co-dependent tendencies/people pleasing traits however and tend to attract narcissistic partners or friendships with unhealthy relationship dynamics it is so important to understand and heal the weak boundaries you may have etc. for your own wellbeing and happiness.

Some of the things we will discuss on the day are;

  • How to recognise the difference between healthy narcissism and unhealthy narcissism.
  • What attracts a narcissist to you and visa versa?
  • How to recognise unhealthy levels of narcissistic behaviours early in a relationship.
  •  Why narcissists need “narcissistic supply”
  • Learn some of the red flags to look out for
  • Understand some of the key behaviours like love-bombing, gaslighting etc.

There are many different types of narcissists and their behavioural traits do not present in the same ways, from grandiose to covert, malignant and communal. It is important to remember that there is a spectrum or codependency or narcissism and you or your partner may have varying degrees of these traits. Wanting the happiest, healthiest and most loving relationship possible is key now and into the future.

Knowledge is power.

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