Many of us suffer from various forms of physical & chronic pain/illness and have accepted it as a normal part of life, perhaps that we can do little to change or help ourselves. On occasion we have also been told my conventional medicine that we cannot recover from some things.

Our approach is from the perspective that everything is transformable and can be healed. Your body has an innate self healing system and it wants to rebalance you back to well-being, it jus cannot manage this because there is too much that has built up within the system or we haven’t given it the right things that it needs to do this.

Often we are not taught or shown how to address and look for the reasons behind the problem. We merely look to treat the symptom rather than find the cause of the problem. The alternative is to work on changing and transforming the cause of the problem/pain so that it is no longer part of our experience.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms can begin gradually following a period of intense physical and/or emotional stress or trauma often originatin in childhood. The main symptoms can be fatigue & muscular pain (but there are many other associated symptoms) that results in a substantial reduction in your activity and energy levels. They can also occur suddenly and seemingly ‘out of the blue’ and you may find that you are unable to fully recover.

A major factor is that stressful events or trauma that we are unable to cope with at the time get trapped and blocked in our bodies and over time physical issues can develop creating disease (literally ‘not at ease’) in the body.

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