Natalie Lewis

Bringing over 25 years experience working with numerous people in various countries, Natalie Lewis began sharing and working with others in the self help, spiritual and healing field in her early 30′s.

Internationally recognised for her work with her caring, personal approach and sincerity, she has been privileged to have been invited to speak about emotions at the University of the West Indies in Barbados, as well as working with high profile clientele overseas and in the UK and in the business community.

She is committed to helping others in whatever way she can and it is through her own difficulties in life that she is now able to effectively resonate, understand and support her clients, many of whom have become friends.

She has attended many courses, trained as a Samaritan, completed a foundation course in counselling, is a qualified and NFSH healer a Reiki Master and Advanced Theta Practitioner.

She feels passionate about helping others to find the joy, peace and love that she has thus far found! With her current understanding of life and why we are the way we are, this passion forms the basis of everything she now does.

This comes from her own journey, finding out what works and what does not, understanding that for those who have a great deal of pain and damage within, it is not possible to be in joy, as many self-help teachers propose.

The only effective way of creating a powerful and permanent change into more joy and more love, is to move through the damage and the core emotions that are in the way. Then everything we truly desire is there!

After living and working as a healer in the Caribbean for 12 years, her main focus has been connected to how the energy of emotions, belief systems and genetics can affect your life in a negative way.

Natalie has run development groups and workshops, travelling extensively for those interested in finding the origin of their difficulties.

Gabriella Lewis Dip.SBM

Gabriella is a gifted and natural healer who was instinctively giving effective healing to members of her family from as young as 4 years old. At the age of 21 she became a Reiki Master. At 23 she became qualified in Swedish Massage at Therapy Training School London. She has also been trained in Intuitive Core Healing which is a new energy psychology technique developed by Natalie Lewis, which helps to clear and change the blocks and negative beliefs/feelings in our lives into positive ones.

Growing up with a mother who is also a healer she is now following in the same healing footsteps and over the years has had a great deal of exposure to the complementary health world through her mother Natalie. Some of Gabriella’s current ability and knowing comes from everything that she has learned through her mother.

Gabriella has attended groups and workshops throughout the years and traveled extensively around the world to learn more about the body, mind, spirit and spirituality. She has a strong desire to continue to grow as a person and become the best holistic healer she can be. She understands that for effective healing to take place honouring your self is essential which means learning to treat the whole of you well, including eating healing foods, getting enough rest, and listening to what your body is telling you. Gabriella also has a strong passion for Yoga Therapy and Meditation.

She spent a year at Urdang Performing Arts Academy, developing her dance and drama skills. She spent several years working part time at House of Fraser where she developed considerable “people skills”  and has also spent a year learning about network marketing, and training in self healing products. She also builds websites in her spare time.